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When individuals are given the right support, tools, resources and access to opportunities, transformation is inevitable.

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Change the Story (CTS) is a dynamic umbrella company that offers personalised intervention services to a range of targeted settings. Operationally, CTS acts as a referral service, bridging the gap between public and voluntary sector organisations and specialised intervention providers. Additionally, CTS offers a range of in-house interventions, that seek to provide opportunities for organisations to create and promote informative, nurturing, and diversified provision for their service users.


Interventions include:


  • Training courses,

  • 1:1 Mentorship Support

  • E-learning/interactive Services

  • Workshops and Therapy.

  • Consultation


Our targeted settings range from schools, offender institutes, charities and community-based organisations. CTS designs its own inhouse inventions, but also allows the opportunity for innovative, unconventional, creative workshop developers to deliver and promote their services through the CTS Umbrella. 

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CTS is about creating the right circumstances for long-lasting change through the use of a variety of personalised approaches and unique theory-based strategies.

CTS assesses the current social climate, and tailor-makes interventions to fit the needs of its service users. Its uniqueness stems from using real people, and their experiences from a variety of backgrounds to help the harder-to-reach members of societies including offenders and ex-offenders. It supports and promotes people from within the community to design and develop their own business, whilst engaging actively with their wider community.


CTS is committed to transformation by adhering to the following ITP ethos:


INFORM – At CTS, we believe in the power of information. We believe that if a person is given the right tools and resources, whether it be training, coaching, or a new skill; with will and consistency, change is inevitable!

TRANSFORM – Real true transformation requires clear vision, commitment to mastery and fully immersing oneself. At CTS all intervention services aim to embed these fundamental principles in all of our interventions.

PERFORM – At CTS we believe there is value in everyone’s individual story, our main objective is to ensure that the next chapter in each of our service user’s stories is one of achievement, success and self-actualisation.



Working with hard-to-reach and disenfranchised members of society is highly resource-intensive and is reliant on a low user to practitioner ratio in order to have maximum benefit. Please click here to help us change society.


Help us - lend us your expertise, time and experience. Please email in the first instance and we can talk about how you can be involved :-) 


Our mission is to INFORM people of choices they can make, and how these can affect their lives; in doing so we assist them to TRANSFORM into contented, non-marginalised individuals who are able to PERFORM at their best.


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